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    2015 West Lake Forum Venue

    Convention center    


    The venue for the 2014 West Lake Forum is the Xianghu Hall, connected to the Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Xanadu Resort. Conferences will be held in a large lecture hall for the entire group as well as multiple lecture rooms for break-out small group discussions (meet-the-faculty sessions). The lecture hall/rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities. There will be a team of top-quality technicians present at all times to ensure smooth operation of equipment. The staff of the Conference Center will provide further logistical support as needed.

    2014年西湖论坛将在杭州世外桃源皇冠假日酒店的湘湖厅举行。会议主要在主会议厅进行,同时还有多个小会议厅供与会者与专家进行面对面讨论。报告厅和客房都配有最先进的视听设备,专业的技术人员将会全程保证设备的正常运作。会议中心工作人员还将为您提供完善的后勤保障。 ;

    The Forum collects conference registration fees to offset the costs of the facility, syllabus publication and conference administration. The Convention Center also provides a list of child care providers available on site for attendees who need child care and other types of care.




    Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Xanadu Resort


    Address: 3318 Xiang Lake Road Wenyan Town Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, 311258, 

    People's Republic Of China.

    地址: 中国浙江省杭州市萧山区闻堰镇湘湖路3318号


    Hotel Front Desk: 86-571-83880888

    酒店前台: 86-571-83880888

    Hotel Fax: 86-571-83880988

    酒店传真: 86-571-83880988


    Dining and Surrounding Attractions


    Restaurants surrounding the Xanadu Resort offer a diverse array of intimate to large dining facilities. Menus feature traditional Chinese dishes and regionally-inspired cuisine designed by the city's award-wining culinary team.


    Kuahu Tower is one of the top clubs in the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Resort near the Xianghu Lakeside. It is famous for traditional Chinese food.

    跨湖楼位于景色秀丽的湘湖旅游度假区,是一个集休闲、旅游、商务、会议等多功能于一体的度假型酒店,是湘湖旅游度假区顶级会所之一 。餐厅设计古色古香,以传统的中国菜肴为特色。

    Tel: 0571-82227777、0571-822202777

    联系电话: 0571-82227777、0571-822202777

    Address: 697 Xiang Lake Road, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Resort near Ocean Park

    地址: 杭州萧山湘湖旅游度假区湘湖路697号,海洋公园旁

    Yuefeng Tower is located on the Xianghu Lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is famous for Song dynasty style architecture design, fresh river and Tujia dishes. Guests may also take advantage of boating facilities.

    越风楼座落在中国著名的旅游胜地湘湖之上,绿树红花掩映,是一家集餐饮、休闲、茶艺为一体的特色会所 。它的设计采用宋式建筑,菜肴是以江鲜为主,同时汇聚了地方土家菜肴。 在享受美食的同时您还能乘坐画舫在湖上泛舟。

    Tel: 0571-82360077 0571-82361082

    联系电话: 0571-82360077 0571-82361082

    Located opposite to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Resort Ocean Park


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